Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Ironman World Championships

M-dot racing as it is otherwise known. Marketing for you! This Saturday sees the Ironman World Championships from Kona, Hawaii. 140.6 miles of racing through lava fields in heat more oppressive than that which we have seen the last few days. Not for the faint hearted. Nor for those that haven't qualified for it throughout the year in races around the globe. This is Top Gun for triathlon, and Kona is Miramar, California.The best of the best. Who will be Maverick Mitchel though? My money is on 2 time champion Craig 'Crowie' Alexander in the absence of Macca and several other past top 10 finishers. No doubt Lieto will race the only way he knows how to off the front of the bike and then hold on for dear life on the run. Just like Radcliffe and Farah used to do and so often fail. No Terenzo Bozzone who I'm sure will get a win sometime. He's young though compared to some so has plenty of time. Just as with the last few years though I'll be watching it live online for the best part of 10 hours until the winners are crowned. An ironman of watching!


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