Sunday, 26 February 2012

Start Your Engines!

A while back I posted a blog called Itchy Feet and a Big Belly. Well the belly isn’t there but again I’m getting the itchy feet. Having not raced since last Septembers Vitruvian I’m starting to think it’s time to line up against like minded people and beast myself over whatever distance it might be on the day. Whilst I’m enjoying the training for Outlaw, It is the racing that we really get the buzz off isn’t it. And I’m noticing that a few of you out there are starting to get in some races, be it sportives, 10k’s or half marathons and it’s giving me the urge to get back out there. The fact that I haven’t raced at all in 6 months is actually pretty shameful and it’s only when writing this that I realise it. I did have all great intentions to do some cross country and mountain biking but I just didn’t get round to doing them. Terenzo Bozzone is a huge fan of using races as training and he might well be on to something. Note to self, training through the winter is vital but have some fun and race too!

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