Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Taper before the storm

T minus 4 days to go until the Vitruvian triathlon. Half ironman for those that dont know. 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run. Should be around 5hr 30 mins at the office if all goes well. Which it should. Already got 1 half in the bag this year at the Cowman which I really enjoyed. Still got the scars from it though in the shape of tan marks from my tri suit. Schoolboy error in failing to put on sunscreen before the off but when you start at 6.30am you don't really expect to get burnt. But burnt I was and in a spectacular way. If I dont win a trophy at the annual club awards in January for 'Best Tan Lines" (It's possible, we do have a few fun awards at Walden Tri Club) then I'm making up the award myself! So far as training is concerned it's gone pretty well. Not my finest work but have struggled to peak again after the Cowman in June. Will have to factor that in next year when working out a race schedule.
The best part of the lead up to a race is the taper as all triathletes will know and love. That guilt free resting up period when a few calories extra wont do any harm either. Within reason of course. 
The race is also an unnoficial middle distance club championships with about 15 members of Walden Tri entered. Some first timers at this distance and some seasoned pro's. Well, not quite pro's but some fast guys and girls in the mix. No doubt there will be a little smack talk beforehand but once we're off we'll spur each other on when we see one another. Great thing about the club and triathlon in general.
Will report back after the race with tales of pain and glory.  

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